Album Review: Bitte Orca

Bitte Orca by Dirty Projectors
9.3 of 10
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Back in the early 90's, one of my method of finding new music was to buy compiled albums. That's how I discovered bands such as Filter. However, with the help of the internet nowadays, never did I expect to discover a band through this method again. But I did fall in love with Dirty Projectors when I heard their single, "Knotty Pine", on Dark Was The Night -a compiled album that featured indie artists. The band's style -folky and poppy- was just so much fun to listen to. Suddenly, I couldn't get enough of them, I wanted more.

Luckily, and much to my delight, they released a new album this year entitled Bitte Orca. I must say that, after listening to this album for a month, I'm strongly convinced that this is the best indie music I've heard this year. The album has everything, and I mean everything. It's riddled with complexities, like weird arrangements and odd-time signatures, that would make any musician and composer drool. But, at the same time, it's very accessible and doesn't alienate those who haven't a single clue about songwriting.

Furthermore, the album also offers a variety of quality songs, displaying the band's range of talent. Each track in here is as good and unique as the other. I can't possibly see anyone who have a good sense of music not like this album, or even just a single track. It just caters to everyone, from the ballad of "Two Doves", the croony pop of "Temecula Sunrise", to the R&B beats of "Stillness is the Move". There's a favorite song here waiting for everybody, no matter what genre they like.

I've never heard any album in a long while that is as fun and creative as Bitte Orca. It's also the only album I've listened to that has tons of eccentricities but yet remains accessible to a lot of people. Plus, it also has variety, making it very replayable. I can see myself listening to it even a year after. So if you like indie music that is outside the box but still easy to get into, then grab this album. It's definitely one of music's highlight this year.

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