The 'Plan B' Event

It's already July, 25 more days until Lollapalooza. But, due to unexpected necessary expenses (like changing my car's brittle fan belt and two of its bald tires), I wasn't able to raise enough money to buy that $200 ticket and some extra beer/food cash. It totally sucks and I'm sorely disheartened. But, before I go down and wallow in dejection, I used what money I was able to save to get tickets for Chicago Comic-Con.

The Chicago Comic-Con's guest list, however, isn't as good as NYCC 2009. But it'll do. Some of my favorite comic book writers such as Mark Millar and Brian Azzarello will be there. Artists like JG Jones, Frank Cho, and George Perez will also attend as guests. So I'll definitely bring a lot of my books and have them signed by these people. Then there's the actors and actresses -which I don't really care about. But I do like to see Rhona Mitra and Michelle Rodriguez in persons.

I bet Chicago Comic-Con won't be as fun as Lollapalooza. But it's the next best event, and also the cheapest, in this city. I won't see Tool live but at least I'll have my comic books signed, adding more value to them. Plus, I might be able to get all the comic back issues that I don't have for a bargain. So, to all those who are going, see you there.

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