First Impressions: Aion

Due to the declining number of players in Warhammer Online (on both Order and Destruction side), my guild started to look for other upcoming games to play. Being the comic-book geek that I am, I suggested Champions Online. Sadly, most of them decided to try out Aion. So, since I love my guild more than the games that we play, I also pre-ordered Aion, even though it didn't interest me at all. But, after jumping in the closed beta event last weekend, I had a change of heart and mind. This game is awesome.

Flight in Aion.

Aion is probably the most prettiest game I've played. The atmosphere, the ambiance, the music. Everything here is just so magical. Character customization here is amazing too. There's just so much options to add more personality to your character. I swear I've been stuck at the creation screen for almost an hour, trying to beautify my character. Class selection in this game, however, is limited. You can only choose from 4 archetypes (Warrior, Priest, Scout, Mage) and you'll be able to select a specialized class at level 10.

I chose a Scout on my initial run and later specialized him into an Assassin. For the most part, nothing's really different about the class if compared to other rogue archetypes in other games. But he's a lot of fun to play with, and I have been winning duels because of his high evasion and critical hits. I think he's going to be a great character in player vs. player. Unfortunately, unlike Warhammer Online, PvP doesn't start here until you reach level 25.

But what makes Aion unique from other MMO is its flight feature. At level 10, your character will become a Daeva and, with it, a set of wings that allows you to fly. Flying is really fun and makes travel a little bit faster. But your ability to fly isn't just limited to travel. There are tons of quest, as well as materials to gather, in the game that requires you to fly. Then there's also aerial combat. I haven't been up to that level yet, and the only flying things I've killed were static funguses, but it's safe to assume it'll be tons of fun.

Overall, I think Aion will be a fun game once it goes live. The game is just so pretty and, not to mention, polished. It's only in beta but the game is running smooth already. I still prefer WAR, however. The realm vs. realm feature and the early PvP access is way more action-packed and exciting compared to flying. But I'll have tons of fun with Aion too.

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