First Impressions: Killing Floor

Let the bodies hit the floor.

I've been on a shooting spree these past few weeks ever since I bought Left 4 Dead. As a big The Walking Dead fan and all things post-apocalyptic, I bought this game and I've been loving it. Now I got this new game called Killing Floor. It's pretty much like L4D on paper, a co-op horror survival game where a squad -your squad- must stand against infected mindless abominations. But, gameplay wise, it's not L4D because you're fighting in smaller areas against waves of zombies. It's more like a FPS with a bit of tower defense. You also have perks -skills that can improve either your weapon damage or healing capabilities- adding a little bit of RPG element.

Like I said earlier, Killing Floor isn't Left 4 Dead. It's a smaller game but has a little more complexity to it. I'm not sure if non-shooter L4D fans will like it. So I suggest they should read more reviews if they want to buy this one. But if you're a shooter fan, especially the one that loves co-op, I'm pretty sure you guys will love this game.

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