First Impressions: Champions Online

So, after a really long week, I finally had the chance to sit down and test out the beta version of the upcoming superhero MMORPG, Champions Online, today. To make the long story short, this game is going to rock and will eat most of my time this Fall.

Metalhead, a sound and guitar engineer who uses his sonic gadgets to fight evil.

The first thing I love about this game is the character creation. I swear I've been stuck on the creation screen for hours, and made seven different characters, before I decided to play the game. You can just customize the look of your hero the way you want it. The possibilities are almost limitless. I've made a hero that looks like a punk rocker version of The Thing, an Iron Man look-alike, a football player, a cat-like gangster, and a ninja. I've even seen a Lara Croft in-game.

The game also uses a class-less system. So there's no archetypes here. No warrior, healer, mage kind of thing in this game. You just basically buy the powers that you want, providing you meet their requirements. Meaning, you can mix and match different powers. If you want your character to spew both fire and ice, you can. If you want your character to dabble in both magic and science, you can. You can also be a tank while still be a DPS character. The freedom is just amazing.

Lastly, traveling in this game is amazing. Other MMO let you wait at level 40 or 20 until they give you a horse, making traveling easy for you. But in Champions I already have my jet booster boots and have been flying around at level 6. Flying is awesome in this game too since there's no timer -which makes it way better than Aion. You can just hover around the air, above your target while shooting at them, as long as you want to.

This game is definitely what I expected it to be, and the kind of game that I've been waiting for since I started playing MMORPGs. It has melded both things that I love: comics and gaming. In addition, it's not fantasy based either. So that's really good. Now that I'm convinced, I think I'm gonna get that lifetime subscription.

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