Comics Bundle: 11.04.09 Pt. 2

2nd installment of my bundle. Part 1 and all Marvel books can be found here.

Fables #89
9.3 of 10
One thing I really love about Fables is that the series doesn't have any shortage of heroes and interesting characters. The writer, Bill Willingham, can take out any character from any folk or fairy tale -even the most boring ones- and revise them to become heroes. First there was Bigby Wolf, then Boy Blue and as well as others. Now Willingham turns his attention to Bufkin (a flying monkey taken from the Oz tales) as he comes up with a plan to defeat a malevolent witch, Baba Yaga, and a very powerful genie. Bufkin is only a support character in the series. So he was the least person I've expected to go toe-to-toe with Baba Yaga, and I guess that made all his efforts to defeat the two villains even more entertaining.

Cinderella: From Fabletown With love #1
8.6 of 10

Like I said on my review of Fables #89 (above this one), the series have tons of interesting characters. A lot, in fact, that they hardly fit in one series. That's why they have to kick Jack (of "and the Beanstalk") out and start his own spin-off. I'm also glad that they've decided to start a Cinderella mini-series, which she deserves. The story is pretty well done -think James Bond with magic involved- and interacts well with the main series, even though it wasn't written by Bill Willingham. Overall, I really enjoyed this issue.

Chew #5
8.9 of 10

I've probably mentioned this one to many times, but Chew is really one of the best comic book title that came out this year. The alternate reality setting -avian flu epidemic, the outlaw of chicken, FDA as a gun-totting authority, detectives with weird powers- is way humorous and, in our current circumstances, terrifying. Beyond the disgusting gimmicks of eating human flesh and decomposing body parts, there's an underlying conspiracy theory going on. But that didn't really surface up until this issue. I guess they want to sell the comics first by introducing the fun characters with gross powers. Now that the title has finally established itself as fun and gross, the real story finally begins. I'm looking forward to next issue.

The Walking Dead #66
9.0 of 10
This issue concludes the "Fear The Hunters" storyline, which is probably one of the best story arcs. There's also a major leap in character development here, mainly in Rick and Carl. If you've read the earlier issues, you'll definitely see the change in Rick. He's become more determined and single-minded, stopping at nothing and doing what's necessary when it comes to protecting his "herd". As for Carl, well let's just say that, with all the horrors he had witnessed during his stay in Zombie land, he'd finally lost his marbles. Now I'm really dying to see what happens on the next issue.

DMZ #46
8.8 of 10
I remember Brian Wood wishing -on an interview- to see DMZ reach at least its 60th issue. Well, the series is almost getting to 50, and the current storyline seems to be building up something really big. Older characters are coming out from the woodwork and getting into the frame, taking sides and questioning Parco's "endgame". Matty Roth too, who has become a really strong character, seems to have made up his mind and adamantly supports whatever Parco is planning. But really, there's a lot tension in this story arc and the title has become really really exciting because of it. If you stopped reading DMZ, I suggest you get back to it because you're missing out.

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