Album Review: Two Suns

Two Suns by Bat for Lashes
9.0 of 10
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I forgot how I stumbled upon Bat for Lashes (aka Natasha Khan). But her work in her 2006 debut, Fur and Gold, made me acknowledge her as an artist. She's a very talented songwriter, a storyteller and a singer all at the same time. Her style is an amalgam of all the great female artist like Tori Amos, PJ Harvey and even Bjork. Apparently, however, even though I enjoyed her debut album and it's modern fantasy themes, I stashed my copy of Fur and Gold away and have completely forgotten about it.

Three years after her debut, Natasha Khan returns with her follow up album, entitled Two Suns. Khan's latest album is a bit far-off from her debut as she tones down her alternative influences and turns up the 80's electropop. The whole album is riddled with beats, swirling synths and electronics, especially in songs like "Daniel" and "Pearl's Dream", that can get you up on your feet. Khan also sings beautifully in here. Her voice, the real gem in the album, as showcased in "Glass" and "Moon and Moon", is very ethereal and can paint wondrous atmospheres out of shredded cardboard.

Two Suns is a very beautiful album. I've been listening to it for more than a month now, and I can't stop. It's poppy electro-beats and Khan's mystical sounding voice got hold of me, right from the opening, and took me on a headtrip ever since. Although, I must admit, some songs are just too high concept and lyrically heavy for me. But the grandeur of the music outweighs lyrics, and that's a reason enough for me not to lose or misplace this album.

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