Album Review: Travels with Myself and Another

Travels with Myself and Another by Future of the Left
9.0 of 10
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As a music aficionado, I've heard a lot of bands that are funny and even more bands that are angry. Although I've never heard of bands that tried to seriously do both, and those that do aren't that successful. So I was beginning to think that -even though comedy is another outlet for hate and rage- being funny and angry isn't doable in music. Then Future of the Left shows up with their newest album, Travels with Myself and Another, and kicks me in the nuts with their enraged and witty songs.

Future of the Left is a post-hardcore band that has been around since 2005. Admittedly, I haven't heard any of their work, or even Mclusky's -the former band of the drummer and vocalist, before. But I immediately baptized myself to become one of their followers when I heard their song, "The House That Hope Built", on the internet a few months ago. The song is really impressive and fun with its 4/4 tune, sounding like a Pied Piper's marching chant, inviting you to fuck everything, leave your worries and join a lost cause.

The rest of Travels with Myself and Another is as impressive as their lead single as well. It's full of songs with wisecracking lyrics that are sung in crazy, catchy and often times angry, often times melodious vocals that Falco (vocalist) delivers magnificently. The music isn't flashy, but it's not mediocre either. It's just loud and straight-forward with little tricks done with real purpose, not just for flairs. The album is 30 minutes of awesome music. From the explosive intro of "Arming Eritrea", the dance rock of "I am Civil Service", to the buzzed-out "You need Satan More Than He Needs You", everything here is worth a listen.

I haven't heard and enjoyed hardcore music for a while, both lyrically and musically. Maybe it's the whiny anger that, after years of repetition, makes the genre feel old. But Future of the Left re-visioned it, made it more fun by masking the rage with witty and smart-ass lyrics. Although it may not be a revolutionary hardcore album, Travels with Myself and Another is pretty darn close to it.

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shurikenstuff said...

I love Music reviews. Before I purchase a cd, I first to amazon.com to read some feedback.

This one is superbly presented, I think I will check this out, thanks :-)