A Nice, New Egg

A couple months ago I mentioned that I'm planning to buy a new portable media player (mp3 player) this year. So, since we're almost into the holidays, I did my research to find out what's the current "it" in the consumer tech world. Unfortunately, there's no news of a 64GB iPod Touch yet, and the new Zune HD -while it's an awesome device- also have a 32 GB capacity. But a new device by Creative has caught my eye, the Zii EGG.

It is, however, not just a PMP as it boasts of being a stem cell computer. But, yes, its specifications are really impressive. It runs on an Android OS (the same OS running the G1 Phones), it has 32 GB of internal storage and a SDHC card slot for external storage (increasing the storage to a possible total of 64 GB), a HD camera, and a lot more (click here for full specs). If some company shoves a mobile phone chip in it, this device could be a serious competitor for the iPhone.

Sadly, the EGG doesn't have any apps yet. So, as for the moment, it's only available for developers. But I couldn't wait for this thing to hit the tech hungry conusmers. Hopefully, it'll be on the shelves by next year.

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gillboard said...

any idea on the price?

- the blog's kept secret for the meantime, maybe once i've posted alot of things already that backreading would be such a bore that's when I'll announce the new blog... lol

Skron said...

The thing costs $400 and that includes the developer kit. So that's actually cheap.