No Show Again

Heidi Montag, another no show.

Last month's issue of Playboy had Olivia Munn on its cover. A lot of geeky, nerdy gamer guys, who watches G4's Attack of the Show, got excited and bought the issue only to be burned when they found out that it was a non-nude pictorial.

Now this month's issue have Heidi Montag, star of reality show, The Hills, as the cover girl. She's wearing a white bikini and covered with mud. So I was expecting -and probably a lot of guys too- that she'd done a full-frontal nudity pictorial in a mud wrestling set. Unfortunately, it's another no show.

For two months in a row, this is already becoming a trend. It shows that Playboy is losing its grip. First, it was the appearances of fake plastic women as Playmates. Now they can't even get B-list celebrities to take off their clothes.

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