I Want an Archos 5

I'm a big fan of Archos portable media players ever since I found out about them. Unlike other portable media devices (iPod, Zen and Zune) their specs are much better. Bigger and better screens, huge storage capacity, and can play almost any media format. Unfortunately, they were just too thick back then. But when I saw the guided tour of their latest model, the Archos 5, I was sold right away.

The guided tour of Archos 5

Archos 5, unlike its predecessor, is a sleek looking device. It may not be as sleek or sexy as the iPhone or iPod touch. But for a device that can get you the internet, has a huge vibrant touch screen, and a 250 GB hard drive (wow, I really want this), I think it's sleek enough. It's still pricey though (almost $500). So I'll probably just wait for its price to drop down. Besides, my Creative ZEN still works wonderfully. Even though it can't fit all my media.

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RONeiluke, RN said...

this gadget is really something. i'm not a techie so i am usually surprised how these things work. perhaps if i could own one i'd be hooked too like you... hehehe!

peace out!