Mass Effect 1.5

I'm playing Mass Effect again. I know, I know. This game is not included on the list of things I should be doing this year (see here), like reading all 46 novels of Philip K. Dick. So you might think that I've been derailed from my goals, shirking away from all the work that will fulfill my resolutions. But, no, not really. Because, while Mass Effect isn't on my 2010 "to do" checklist, all the choices and decisions I've made in this game will actually carry out on Mass Effect 2 -a game which is on my checklist- by transferring my save files (see article here). So if my character on the Mass Effect is an alien hater of mass destruction, people will treat him as such in Mass Effect 2. Nifty, no?

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gillboard said...

haha same here, playing the game again!!! can't wait for the 2nd one to come out...

Andrei Alba said...

good to hear from you again.

Skron said...

@gillboard: Less than two weeks until its release date!

@Andrei: Work happens, man. I got to work so I could pay for my music, books, comics and games. Then write about them.