Just Another Resolution Post

At this point, the blogosphere must be suffocating with all the New Year's resolutions that have been posted this week. Unfortunately, as much as I want to deny that this isn't one of those posts, I must let you suffer through another round of "resolutions". I promise, though, that it will be quick.

Here are my resolutions for 2010

  1. Only buy games that are on sale or if their prices have dropped (Mass Effect 2 and Guild Wars 2 are an exception).
  2. Replay some of my older games and, if available, unlock all their achievements.
  3. Reach renown rank 60 and don a full Invader set in Warhammer Online.
  4. Reach level 40 in Champions Online.
  5. Only buy used hardcover books.
  6. Read all of my back log books and graphic novels before getting new books to read.
  7. Read all novels by Philip K. Dick.
  8. Read all novels by Ernest Hemingway.
  9. Maintain comic book spending at $40/month, and become a trade waiter instead.
  10. Brush up my blues guitar skills.
That's that. Short and effortless to do. Not like losing weight or getting a wife.

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Andrei Alba said...

well, this has to trigger me to do this procrastinated resolution post.

may you have it all done this year.

The Scud said...

i like #5 and #6. good luck to us! :D

Layla said...

wow. amazing blog! yes, seriously! :)

I'll visit again. loved the list of books. :)

Skron said...

@Andrei and Scud: Yes, hopefully I'd be able to do it all. But I doubt it.

@Layla: Thank you!