Top 9 Music of 2009

2009 was a good year for music. I discovered a lot of cool new bands, and most of which are metal bands too. Then, of course, old grunge rockers like Pearl Jam and Alice In Chains got out from the woodwork and gave us some pretty decent albums. I also bought a 64 GB iPod touch, whom I named "thedoohickeythatplaysallmymusic". Like with gaming, I went fully digital this year and stopped buying CDs.

Anyways, here's my top albums for this year.

1. Wavering Radiant 10 [Review]
Artist: Isis
Wavering Radiant is Isis' magnum opus to date, and my favorite album of 2009. While it is not as heavy as Oceanic this album is dense with majestic sound textures that will give you multiple eargasms.

"Ghost Key" by Isis

2. Blue Album 9.5
Artist: Baroness
I only found out about this band a couple months ago. But their Blue Album impressed me right away with its Southern sludge and prog-metal sounds. Definitely one of the heaviest albums in 2009.

"A Horse Called Golgotha" by Baroness

3. Bitte Orca 9.3 [Review]
Artist: Dirty Projectors
I heard this band while listening to Dark Was The Night. I fell in love with them and bought Bitte Orca, which is a fun and creative album, filled with a variety of music and oddly structured songs.

"Stillness is the Move" by Dirty Projectors

4. Two Suns 9.0 [Review]
Artist: Bat For Lashes
I liked Khan's first album, Fur and Gold. Regrettably, it was forgettable. Two Suns, however, is not. It's a beautiful album filled with synths and 80's electropop beats. Khan's voice also shines in here.

"Daniel" by Bat For Lashes

5. Travels With Myself and Another 9.0 [Review]
Artist: Future of the Left
Travels... is the first album I've heard that is both hardcore and comical. The wisecracking lyrics, the often times angry, often times melodious vocals, and in-your-face guitar riffs is just awesome.

"The Hope That House Built" by Future of the Left

6. Meriweather Post Pavilion 8.9 [Review]
Artist: Animal Collective
A lof of critics have named Meriweather Post Pavilion as their album of the year, and I can definitely see why. Because this album's unique sound -a digitized tribal and folk music- is a joy to listen to.

"Brother Sport" by Animal Collective

7. No More Stories... 8.9 [Review]
Artist: Mew
Not a lot can get into prog rock. But Mew's No More Stories, with dance rock tunes and pop elements throw into the mix of prog rock eccentricities, might be able to charm non prog rockers.

"Introducing Palace Players" by Mew

8. Sainthood 8.8 [Review]
Artist: Tegan and Sara
It may not be as good as the twins previous work, The Con. But Sainthood's 80's influence, from the pop of Madonna to the new wave of The Cure, is bursting with energy.

"Alligator" by Tegan and Sara

9. Crack The Sky 8.7 [Review]
Artist: Mastodon
Crack The Skye is more streamlined and toned down than Mastodon's previous works. A lot of fans hated it. But, with the inclusion of stoner rock elements in this album, I loved it a lot.

"Oblivion" by Mastodon

Well that's my list. While I did miss a few notable music that were released last year-like Phoenix and Sunn O))), for example- I'm still pretty happy with all I've heard and listened to in 2009. I hope you guys had a good year filled with music too.

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Andrei said...

yeah. go digital!

i like your top 1 song. it feels good to hear.

Skron said...

If I could, I'd still go with CD because I love to have a hard copy. Plus, the bit rate of MP3s that are on sale online are only at 256 Kbps. With CDs, I can rip an mp3 up to 320 Kbps or even lossless. But it's way cheaper to buy mp3s than CDs.

It's Isis, man. They're one of the best post-metal bands out there.

Andrei said...

yeah. i'm actually looking for more post-metal bands i can relate to.

and, oh, i can't wait for your top 9 books of 2009.

see you around.

Skron said...

post-metal bands. I can only recommend a few.

Psyke Project
Cult of Luna
Russian Circles

Those are the ones that I liked

As for my top 9 books. I might not be able to write it until this weekend. Work is killing me right now.

The Scud said...

di ko kilala mga yan. arggghh!!! i depend on what airs on the fm radio and mtv. sucks, right?

Skron said...

@scud: I started out with radio and MTV too. But then I got interested and in too deep with music. So I stopped waiting for radio and MTV to put out materials that I don't even liked, and started reading magazines -which is like the internet back then- to find out more about the music that I like.

And, dude, that's why the internet and this blog, by extension, is here. For you to stop relying on TV and Radio alone.