Soup of Leftovers

The holidays maybe over but its residue still lingers on. Because it's too cold to take them down, the light icicles and other Christmas decors remain showcased outside my house. I have an astronomical debt to pay caused by the holiday shopping spree. I have tons of unfinished games and books -bought and given to me last month- cluttering my room. Then there's the honey glazed ham -or should I say honey glazed bone- taking over almost half of our fridge space.

So, since an arctic blast is blowing down on Illinois, I took it upon me to hit two birds with one stone: empty the fridge and warm myself by making a soup out of the leftover honey glazed ham.

A Warm Soup of Leftovers

Except for Pancit Molo, I haven't made any kind of soup. I'm no cook either. I only have little knowledge on how to make a soup, which I learned from watching the Food Network. So this was more like a trial, an experiment to see if I could do it. Surprisingly, it turned out to be good -that's coming from a modest man- even with the lack of ingredients and skill. It has this sweet taste, probably from the honey glazed bone.

As for how I did it. Well, I didn't write it down or measured anything. But I know all my ingredients were rummaged from our pantry and vegetable compartment. 2 tomatoes, 2 garlic cloves, 1 onion, a box of ziti, 1/4 bag of green peas, 5 baby carrots and a leftover honey glazed ham. I took all the meat that I could from the ham, cut them into tiny cubes and boiled the bone for an hour. Then I dropped all the diced vegetables into the pot, followed by the cubed meat and then the ziti. Let it all boil for another 30 minutes until it turned into an edible soup.

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Andrei Alba said...

i can't believe there are peas in there. haha.

patikim mo naman ako niyan.