Album Reivew: In Rainbows

Radiohead - In Rainbows
9.0 of 10

Just when I thought alternative died with Cobain, Radiohead resuscitated their music with electronica. Thusly, creating brilliant albums -from OK Computer to Hail to the Thief- and a never ending progression of their music. But artists will always see mountains and valleys throughout their career, more so valleys as Young once said to Vedder. So I thought In Rainbows, with its colorful album title, was going to be the valley for Radiohead. Once again, I was proven wrong. Because it [In Rainbows] is a paragon of the saying "simple is beautiful". A modest bit of electronica, some light drumwork, clean sounding guitar riffs, and a slice of Yorke's heavenly voice, as evident in songs "Reckoner" and "Nude", are all it took to make the album a pleasant listen (even though the lyrics are a bit morbid). So if you're a big fan of Radiohead, or couldn't get into them because of the electronica, I highly recommend In Rainbows.