Anti (insert subculture here) Clash

Another subculture clash is happening in Mexico right now. This time it's Emo vs. Punk and Metal. It began when those metalheads and punks started assaulting the Emo kids on the streets. Now the Emo kids are organizing to defend themselves. Another pointless subculture fight, like the Mods vs. Rockers and Hair Metal vs. Grunge decades before them. Why pointless? Because their victory is only subjective. Everybody wins, everybody lose, depending on perspective.

Speaking of Hair Metal and Grunge, I've found a fun article a few years ago entitled: Hair Metal vs. Grunge; Just Who Survived. I dug this up to show as an example that the victors in subculture clashing is subjective. I mean, take this hair metal-leaning writer for example. He said that:

"But we’re in 2005 now, and both decades have ended. And if you look around (and I mean look beyond the obvious), you’ll start noticing that Hair Metal is still there[...]everyone needs good upbeat songs all the time and this is why Hair Metal is still around and Grunge is not."
For him, hair metal is still around because he looks for it, beyond the obvious. If you ask some grunger, I think they'll say the same thing. To the emo kids, both genres are dead to them.