Silicone Augmentation

Last Sunday, I placed an order at Amazon for a Koo Silicone Case for my ZEN Vision: M. It's because my current DLO leather case has just become too bulky, with its belt clip, for me to carry around. I never liked it in the first place, I just didn't had options when I bought my mp3 player. But now that my order had been delivered, I'm pretty happy with my new case.

The new silicone case (left) and the old leather case (right).

The silicone case didn't really made that much of a difference from my old case in terms of bulkiness. But it fits in the pocket of my pants more loosely than before, with its lack of belt clip and the flip cover. My ZEN Vision:M looks much prettier with it too. Because the case covers the whole mp3 player, it conceals the horrendous white battery/hard drive back.

Well there it is. It's very pretty and cheap too. Thus, I'm happy. Now, I feel like shopping for some new earbuds.