Online Shopping Neophyte

I reprove of online shopping, or at least I did. Now, however, I'm beginning to raid its outer sphere. Ever since we've relocated [to our new home] last January, I just don't have the time to go to retail stores anymore. Besides, gas prices are now soaring sky high. So driving a couple miles to the mall just to get a CD , a book, or a game seems unpractical and a waste of both time and gas money. So, the reason of my foray into online shopping -while I do like it also because I can find great deals- is really out of convenience.

A Journey Round My Skull and The Ten Cent Plague, fresh from Amazon.

I've already ordered and received some stuff from Amazon.com, and it's not as bad as I thought it was (online shopping, that is) . I just didn't want anything with it before because of (a) security concerns, (b) the anticipation of getting the package, and (c) the shipping fees. But I've already learned to allay my anxiousness (of waiting for my items) and avoid paying shipping fees (at the expense of slow delivery). My concerns for my financial and identity security are still there, however. But I'm willing to take risks, calculated risks.