Rediscover Youth

10 (+ something) years ago, I remember watching Alternative Nation on MTV and cringe every time I see Sonic Youth. I just can't dig into their type of noise. Plus, none of their songs have good guitar solos, and a wicked guitar solo was all I needed back then to appreciate a song. But this morning, however, I saw and bought the deluxe edition of Sonic Youth's Daydream Nation and Dirty.

My action earlier still baffles me until now. I don't know what prompted me to buy those albums. Was it too early and that I didn't had caffeine in my system? Was it because Sonic Youth's version of "Superstar" have been recurringly playing in my head since I saw Juno? Or did I just suffered from another "impulse purchase" attack? Honestly, I think, it's the latter. Because coffee wouldn't made any difference, and if I have been craving for Sonic Youth I could've downloaded some of their songs (legally, of course, for previewing purposes).

Nevertheless, and to my surprise, I find both albums (especially Daydream Nation) to be quite enjoyable and pleasing. Their noise is still noise. But now I can hear its genius amidst the cacophony, while back then it was only an annoying feedback. Listening to the album also made me realize that a lot of newer bands - the ones that I've been listening to - had Sonic Youth's influence. This was very unexpected, I never thought I'd like Sonic Youth. But I guess, like they say with wine and late bloomers, it gets better with age.