Lost by Carrier

I was really pissed last Monday because I didn't receive my package of Ultimate Ears Super.fi 3 earbuds (which I ordered from Amazon) on schedule. Moreover, when I used tracking feature over at Amazon's website the status of my package were "Incorrect Address" and then "Lost by Carrier". So I really thought that my money ($70 plus the shipping fee) went down the drain.

Fortunately, UPS called and told me that they couldn't locate my house. Which is understandable since my address isn't on the map yet. So after I gave them directions, I got the package the next day. Which is all the better for me because Amazon will reimburse my shipping fee due to the late delivery.

So now that I got my earbuds, all I can say about them is that they're excellent. I'll probably write a more detailed review of buds sometime next week.