Flashy Flash Drives

A couple weeks ago, I suggested to my boss that we should keep back up files of our pre-made checklists and charts and store it in a USB flash drive. So, last night, I got an a memo of approval from my boss and started looking for one that we can use. Well, my search kinda lead me to two websites that sells pretty cool flash drives, ZaNa Designs and Mimobot.

ZaNa Designs sells a pretty chic wood USB flash drives. You can even have customized carvings on your drive. It also has a cap with a string on it so you can wear the drive like an accessory necklace and nobody would know you're wearing a flash drive.

This Star Wars series of USB flash drives are from Mimibot. This is the ultimate geek's and Star Wars fan's USB drive. It's quite ingenious that some of the characters cap (Luke Skywalker, Boba Fett, and Darth Vader) also doubles as a removable helmet.

This drives are quite expensive though. Even for just 1 GB of memory it costs $60 for Zana and $50 for Star Wars Mimibot. That's like $30 - $20 more as compared to the cheapest drive out there. Nevertheless, if you have the money, this things are pretty cool to own.