Featured Band: Quitzow

Downtime was up at work today, and I got bored. So I did a little "digging" in the web in order to kill some time. I clicked lazily through rubbles of news and articles, link after uninteresting link. But, since it's the net, in which you'll most likely find something profound through serendipity, I finally stumbled upon an interesting band on MySpace called Quitzow.

Quitzow, taken from their MySpace page.

Quitzow, led by Erica Quitzow, is one fun band from New York. I like to call them as a poppy "Moog fest" indie band. It turns out they'll be releasing an album next week. It's just too bad because My Morning Jacket's Urging Evil will be out next week too. I'll see if I can squeeze my budget so I can fit Quitzow's self-titled debut. But, for the meantime, let's just listen to their tracks at their MySpace page. I highly recommend listening to "Sponsor" and "Cats R People 2".