Obama Wins!

Damn, first time I vote for a Presidential Candidate and he wins. Obama had 306 electoral votes, while McCain only had 145. When he finally came out from the primary, defeating Hilary Clinton, I never really thought he'd win. But he did. So I feel like a winner too.

I wish I was in Grant Park right now, celebrating.

Now, I do hope he deliver on that tax cuts of his -which will probably in effect 2-3 years from now, and only to be trampled down if he doesn't get voted for a second term. The bigger the tax cuts, the more money I'll have to help the economy by buying comics, games and music.

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RONeiluke, RN said...

cool! i am not surprised. i have always known he'll bag the presidency. and now let's hope he'll be true to his words... the world will be watching.