Comics Bundle 10/22 - 10/29: No Skrulls This Week

I thought I won't be able to write a comics review this week, with Fallout 3 barricading the way. But I need to this to get better at it, or at least stop hitting the walls. Anyways, I transfered to a new comic store last week. While I liked my former comic store, and its owner, they just don't offer me enough. My new comic store has a lot of perks if you join their pull service. First, I get 20% off on everything in their store because I have 20 something titles on my pull sheet. Secondly, they bag and board all the comics you buy from them. Sadly, their store looks like a dilapidated junk house.

G.I. Joe #0
8.0 of 10
Writer: Too many to mention
Artists: Too many to mention

I was a G.I. Joe geek before I became something more. I just love the toys and the cartoons. I even vigilantly followed the comic book series that was published by Marvel back then. But I didn't know how to properly maintain a comic book before, and so I lost them all. Fortunately, after many reincarnations from various publishers, G.I. Joe is returning to the funny books, this time under IDW Publishing. While the series will start on January 2009, IDW was nice enough to release a #0 issue, that contains three short stories, so we could get a glimpse on the new Joes. By the looks of it, I'll be adding G.I. Joe to my pull list. They're still the old Joes that I knew (they still yell Yo Joe!), except that they're in a contemporary setting and they've all matured.

Thor #11
9.0 of 10
Writer: J. Michael Straczynski
Artists: Oliver Copiel, Mark Morales, Laura Martin

Honestly, I think Thor is the best super-hero comic book that's out right now. It has great art and great writing. But this issue is the best...yet. How they managed to fit this big story in one -$2.99- issue, without leaving me dry, is just marvelous to me. While Thor/Don is trying to catch up with those he had left in the mortal realm, and sought closure to those who left him, Loki's insidiousness moves the larger plot by beguiling Balder with the fruits of Midgard. I'm excited to read the next issue already.

Unknown Soldier #1
8.7 of 10
Writer: Joshua Dysart
Artists: Alberto Ponticelli

If you start going through my short box of comics right now, two publishers you'll see in abundance are Marvel and Vertigo. While the former is widely known mainstream the latter isn't, which is a shame. If people only read Vertigo titles I'm sure it'll change the way how they see comics. Take their new series, Unknown Soldier, for example. It takes the superhero duality concept into a mature level. A pacifist, Dr. Lwanga Moses, Harvard caliber medical doctor, whose aspiration is to rebuild and unite their war-torn country only through words. But he has this mysterious undertone that whispers to him, turning him into a vicious killer when the need arises. It's violent, and it's smart. So, if you need to fill out a longer pull sheet next time, jot down Unknown Soldier.

Wasteland #21
8.5 of 10
Writer: Anthony Johnston
Artists: Christopher Mitten, Ben Templesmith

This is a week of post-apocalyptia for me. First, it was the release of Fallout 3. Then, I discovered this comic book series called Wasteland. I've never heard about this book before. But its title was so enticing, especially to a post-apocalyptic nut like me, and I just had to pick it up. Honestly, however, the story is all blurry to me. Hopefully its because of my lack of familiarity with the series, not of sloppy writing. But its setting is amazing. It's not in a post-nuclear war world but it's a century after the "Big Wet", which I assume was a huge flood. The black and white artwork is nothing short of magnificent too, much like in The Walking Dead. It's a bit pricey ($3.50) but it's worth it.

Wolverine: Manifest Destiny #1
7.3 of 10
Writer: Jason Aaron
Artists: Stephen Segovia, John Rauch

If you go into a comic store right now you'd see a whole shelf dedicated to Wolverine. I mean with all the comic book that he's in right now (3 X-Men series, 3 Wolverine series, X-Force and The New Avengers). Then, he gets another mini-series, Wolverine: Manfiest Destiny. But I guess living for so long the guy has a lot of stories to tell. The story is set in Chinatown (San Francisco since it's part of the "Manifest Destiny" event), where Wolverine goes back to make amends about what he has done in the past. What did he do? Well it was never mentioned in this issue since they were too busy laying the foundations of the story (the woes of a first issue). But, whatever it is, it must be big because the townsfolk has been holding a grudge on him for decades now.

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i'm waiting for that wolverine spin-off movie. bet it would be bloody cool :)