Sacred 2, Almost Sacred

It looks like that the release date of Sacred 2: Fallen Angel has slipped under my radar because it's already out for Windows. The first Sacred is one of my favorite action RPG, probably the best next thing to Diablo II. While the game's narrative isn't interesting, it was the first top-down action RPG that utilized freeform gameplay and mountable horses. By the looks of it, Sacred 2: Fallen Angel is more of the same, as expected from a sequel. More skills and more bugs, that is.

Anyways, here are a couple of reviews from major game sites that I've found.

IGN PC - 7.5

As far as Diablo-style hack-and-slash action-RPGs go, Ascaron Entertainment's Sacred 2 is the best genre entry since Titan Quest. It offers a huge world to explore, tons of loot, plenty of monster types, and lots of ways to customize its six character classes. While it does have a quirky personality, it doesn't offer much as far as its narrative goes that's compelling, and the game suffers from numerous bugs and technical issues, including poor friendly AI, game crashes and performance problems, hopefully something that gets worked out over the coming months through patch updates. It's also not a game that tries anything truly novel, just a lot of tried-and-true quest, kill, loot, and repeat mechanics. With others online it's a much more enjoyable experience, but as of right now the US servers are more or less empty, something that hopefully changes in the days and months beyond release.
Fragland - 80%
Sacred 2: fallen Angel has become a worthy successor to Sacred. On all aspects this game knows a huge progress. Fans of this genre have already pre-ordered their copy of Diablo III and are awaiting anxiously for it to arrive, but why should you have to choose? Follow my advise and buy both!
Jolt - 8.0
We ‘get’ Sacred 2, but that’s because we have past experience with the series and we’re prepared to give it a chance despite its teething troubles. Not everyone will, and that’s a bit of a shame but also understandable. Out of the box bugs make a mockery of Ascaron’s hard work, making the difficult job of selling an already unfashionable genre even harder. But even we can recognise that despite everything, some of the sheen and charm has worn off the second time around. Whatever Ascaron has planned to make a success of next year’s console releases, they have some hard work ahead.
Besides the bugs out of the box, which can be fixed by a 500 MB! patch, I think I'll love this game. Too bad, it's not on my budget list. Hopefully, somebody will give me a gift card this Christmas.

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gillboard said...

interesting game... my friend's an addict of the first one. but i'm just not used to using keyboards and mouse to move people.

Skron said...

For games like Sacred, a mouse and keyboard is much more easier.