NYCC 2009

I stumbled upon New York Comic Con's website earlier today and, boy, their guest list is amazing. Top comic book artists such as George Perez, Leinel Yu and Jim Lee will be there. David Hajdu (The Ten-Cent Plague), J. Michael Straczynski (Thor) and Art Spiegelman (Maus), writers that I'd really love to meet, will attend as guests too. So I really want to attend this convention.

Man, Art Spiegelman alone is enough reason for me to attend. It will also be much cheaper than going to the International Comic-Con in San Diego next year. I have cousins in NY and I can crash with them, saving me a hotel. I also know how to commute in the city, and it'll save me some cab fare. But the problem, like always, is money. I have none. If I really want to go, I have to act now and buy a plane ticket before prices go up.

Although, even if do have enough money, in a time of an economic recession, I don't think I'll spend $500 just to talk to my favorite writers/artists for 3 minutes, take a picture with them, and get their autographs. If I win the lottery, or if my employer allows me to work overtime again, then I might consider going. Right now, I'm not so sure. But I really want to.

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