Black Friday 2008

Black Friday, it's almost that day again, the day when The United States celebrates consumerism after Thanksgiving Day. I took a day off at work so I could go this Friday and get my holiday shopping done with. I know, because of the huge sales, the stores will be bedlams. In order to avoid being trampled by rabid mobs of consumers, or getting killed by a mother over a Nintendo DS game, I checked out the leaked Black Friday ads over at BFads, to see what's what, before I head out.

A stampeding horde of Black Friday consumers.

It seems to me that this year's Black Friday is going to be horrible. I thought, since retail sales has plummeted down because of the economy, retailers are going to offer something more enticing so that consumers will pile up outside their doors as early as 3 AM. But the ads just look horrendous. I'm especially disappointed with the lack of deals on newer PC games. The only ones I found, that are worth getting, are Assasin's Creed and BioShock for $10 at Best Buy.

Samsung BD Player.

Nonetheless, there's still some good deals that are worth checking out. Toys R' Us PS2 bundle is very tempting (PS2 with 6 Free Games, "21" DVD and a DVD remote only for $130). Best Buy's Samsung HTDV (40" 1080p LCD for $800), Toshiba Laptop (AMD Turion 64 X2 Dual-Core w/ 3GB Memory and 15" Screen for $380), and Samsung Blu-ray Disc Player for $200 are also worth getting.

As for me, I decided to get a BD player and a Netflix subscription for my parents. We don't have Cable TV anymore and our DVD player died a couple months ago. So, there's little entertainment for my folks in the house. Besides I hate to see that 46" 1080p LCD HDTV they have in our living room go to waste. As for my two godchildren, I'm getting them Lego sets. Can't go wrong with a Lego. Anyways, here's my checklist.
  1. Samsung BD Player ($200)
  2. The Departed BD ($17)
  3. Kung Fu Panda BD ($17)
  4. Assorted Lego Sets x2 (40% off)
It's not much because I'm holding out on the stores. I've yet to see what Amazon has to offer. So, that's that. You guys enjoy your Black Friday, and I hope you find some great deals.

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yoshke said...

even up to now, i still cant imagine how big a holiday Thanksgiving is in the US.
hahaha. i need to immerse.

PUSANG-gala said...

with the financial recession on and consumer confidence low, I hope this Holiday could be reason enough for American to go out and just buy, after all, it will be good for the economy. That's what it's all about in the 1st place ayt? to motivate spending. Hope the US comes out of it sooner than later because the whole world is being dragged down.....

Skron said...

@yoshke: I've been here for 4 years but I still don't get it either. But yeah, it's big. Even bigger than Christmas considering there are lots of atheist, agnostics and anti-Christs in here.

@PUSANG-gala: The thing is, the deals this year are horrible. Probably the worst I've seen. It's all a lie. So I don't think people will wait in the cold outside for hours just to get the early bird specials. Besides, you can't motivate a jobless person to buy stuff.