Upcoming Marvel Comics for 2009

I was starting to think that my comics pull list might become much thinner next year, right after Secret Invasion is done. I thought, since the next event will focus on Marvel's cosmic universe, which I'm not very interested with, I'd be done with Marvel's events and all the tie-ins. At least, for a little while. But Comic Book Resources just released a solicit information of Marvel titles that's coming out in February 2009, and it's a very enticing list. So, since I'm very susceptible to temptation, I'm definitely going to see my pull sheet blown out into ridiculous proportions. This sucks.

Nick Fury and his Secret Warriors.

I'm not going to add that much but I'll have two, three...or maybe more comics more than my current list right now. I'm definitely getting Secret Warriors because I love their little stint in the first issues of Secret Invasion: Mighty Avengers. Of course, there is Dark Reign, which will probably paint a post-Secret Invasion Marvel Universe, and the Dark Avengers. Then there's The Times and Life of Lucas Bishop. I'm not missing this one, Bishop is one of my favorite X-Man and I just want to know why he'd turn on his team just to kill a baby.

Anyways, that's that. You can check out all the releases here and the X-Men releases here.

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