Spore, Living the Hype

Spore comes out today (a Sunday release day? Weird) and I have no money to buy it. That sucks. At least I can still read the reviews for free, and they all seem to be pretty positive too. So it looks like it won't be a blind buy for me this time, like what happened to me with Space Siege. Game Rankings average score ratio is 86% while Metacritic is 87%. That's a very impressive score. Only a couple of major websites gave them an A though. Anyways, here's the run down and links of reviews from my trusted websites (except Gamespot, and maybe IGN).

Hopefully, somebody amongst my friends and/or a member of a family will take their time to checkout my Amazon Wishlist I had sent them a couple weeks ago. Then maybe, just maybe, they'll get me Spore for my b-day.

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