Comics Bundle: 02.18.09 Pt. 2

This is part 2 of my Comics Bundle. Mostly covering all the DC, Image and Vertigo Comics. Like the first part (click here for part one), I'm going to go off here as fast as I can.

Four Eyes #2
9.8 of 10
The first time I read this title, its high fantasy themes, involving dragons, tailored and fitted into the U.S. depression era captured my attention immediately. But, I haven't heard of it since then so I thought the series was canceled. But I was so ecstatic when I finally saw a copy of #2 at the shelves, last Friday. Like the first issue, this one is also a gem. What I like about this series is that, not only it deviates from the standard high fantasy, it also serves as a warning of what people will do, can turn into, during times of financial troubles.

The Walking Dead #58
9.5 of 10
The Walking dead, especially in this issue, continues to astound me with its human drama. A little light has been shed on the newcomers as Abraham tells his side of the story. Of how his fellow survivors raped his wife, and how he killed them with his bare hands. While there was no illustration of what happened, Abraham's words alone was still pretty brutal. But what really surprised me was Carl, who admitted that he want to kill people and that he was glad he shot a man to save his dad. Normally, I don't care about violence but, coming from a mere boy of 10, it was very disturbing.

Fables #81
8.0 of 10
This is probably the slowest issue of Fables I've ever read. The first part, especially, was a bit dragging for me. Although it did establish a status quo for the new villain. The last part, however, was pretty good, as some characters visited Boy Blue on his deathbed, defining him during his last moments. It made me a bit sad though. Boy Blue is one of my many favorite characters in Fables. He's a cool boy who just likes to play blues, not a hero or an anti-hero archetype. Even in the end, he wished that everybody will continue to treat him as the regular guy by not burying him with those who died during the war with the empire.

DMZ #39
8.0 of 10
Like with Fables, this issue of DMZ is kind of slow too. But that's probably because the protagonist, Matthew Roth, who tells the story in first person, is left in the dark so he has no story to tell. He became a tool of Parco, the newly elected Governor of Manhattan, and doesn't know any of his plans at all. But the end of the issue was very juicy. Parco already have gold, and now he have acquired a nuke. So what's next? I couldn't wait.

Final Crisis #7
@% of 10
At first, I didn't like Final Crisis because it was too convoluted for me. But then it all made sense around #3, got better around #4 and #6 was just awesome. So I thought, with its climbing pattern, it's going to get even better with the final issue. I was wrong. I didn't understand a thing. I read it three times too, and I could've gone for a fourth. But it's too messed up I'm afraid it'll blow my brains out.

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gillboard said...

I've never read an issue of your current pull list... Lately, haven't had the budget to be experimental in my comics. Normally staying with Marvel stuff. But I've heard nothing but praises bout Walking Dead.

Skron said...

@gillboard: I'm past the experimental stage too. Besides some upcoming Marvel mini-series, I've actually trimmed down my pull list to a flat 19.

The Walking Dead is amazing. The art, the writing. I fell in love with it after reading just one issue. Fables is something great too. I just love all the characters in it.