Comics Bundle: 03.25.09 Pt. 1

By now, you guys probably know that I'm always late with my comic reviews. So I'm not gonna apologize for my tardiness anymore. Anyways, I kinda of noticed that there were a lot of Avengers and Deadpool appreances in this bundle. That's fine by me though. Because more Deadpool means more fun.

Secret Warriors #2
9.0 of 10
The first issue of Secret Warriors hit me like Mjolnir. So far, I think it's an audacious series with the most audacious plot that Marvel has put into play. Like the kind of audacity that will shake the foundations of the Marvel Universe. Unfortunately, I won't reveal any of the plot details in issue #1 and #2, they're just too precious. Let's just say that the issue #1 was followed up nicely in issue #2 by introducing what Nick Fury and his kids will be facing, a revisioned and reinvigorated Hydra.

Deadpool: Games of Death #1
8.7 of 10
This one-shot issue is definitely the funniest, most violent Deadpool comics I've read since he came back. Hired by a man -known as Mr. Kilgore- to track down his only son, The Merc with the Mouth ends up disguising as an old martial arts master and participating in an illegal reality-TV show that pits its contestants to a game of death. The whole deathmatch setting is a playground to Deadpool's insanity. There's a lot of slapstick humor, blood and decapitation that will keep you entertained.

Thunderbolts #130
8.4 of 10
Deadpool, like Wolverine, is almost everywhere these days. He have an ongoing series, an upcoming mini-series, an appreance in the Messiah War and a crossover with the Thunderbolts. So far, the first issue of Thunderbolts/Deadpool crossover is an enjoyable one. I really liked it because it has lots of humor and action, it actually feels more like Deadpool book than a Thunderbolts. Plus, Deadpool owns Thunderbolts' face too. The only thing I didn't like about it is perhaps the art.

The New Avengers #51
8.0 of 10
A few months ago, when Marvel announced that Dr. Strange will select a new Sorcerer Supreme in The New Avengers #51, I've been dying to get my hands on this issue. However, now that I've actually read the issue, everything was just a hype. The only saving grace in this issue is the part where Spider-Man revealed his alter ego to the rest of the New Avengers. Albeit short, it was a fun moment to read.

Runaways #8
8.0 of 10
Runaways is probably one of my favorite comic book series. It's just a fun title to read because it lets teenagers act like teenagers, even though they have superhuman abilities. I must admit, however, without Brian K. Vauhgn in its helm, the series is not what it's used to be. Fortunately, this issue (and also the last) have been an enjoyable read. The kids are acting like their kids again and they also face a new enemy: Van Rhymin, the shock-jock who's been turning the silicone enhanced residents of LA into zombies. Now what's more fun than that?

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gillboard said...

i have all the titles on this list except for new avengers and runaways. i decided to just buy the trades for avengers... it's not as interesting as it was when the title started.