Wizard World Experience: Toys, Animation and the Loot

Toys were another reason I went to Wizard World Chicago. However, since I've already spent most of my money on comics, I didn't really find anything that I like and can afford. Most of the toys at the convention were either an exclusive or a collector's item, and the prices were just sky high. But if you're broke and can't afford the toys (or anything for that matter), there's free stuff laying around the big booths. And if you're bored and tired of walking, you can also chill at the FUNmation room and watch episodes of anime.

Batman & Robin welcomes you to DC Comics' booth.

I had time to spare in between signings (after Warren Ellis' and before Billy Tucci's and E.Bas') and I used it to visually glut on the toys. DC Direct, being my favorite toy manufacturer, was on top of my list. Most displayed toys in their stall were only previews, however, not for sale. But looking at those toys had reduced me to a slobbering piece of meat. Especially the Batman Black & White and Watchmen figures.

Clockwise from top left: Watchmen, Dark Knight, The Spirit, DC Direct Dolls, and Batman Black & White.

Tonner Inc. was my second stop. They have a lot of beautiful dolls based on DC comics characters. But they have also other stuff like Lara Croft and Pirates of the Caribbean. Unfortunately, their prices was just too much for me. Each doll almost cost $100. But I think the price is right. These dolls are just sterlingly done. I would've got one if I still had money. It's a good thing I left my cards at home on purpose, or else I'd be even more broke.

Clockwise from top left: Wonder Woman, Pirates of the Caribbean, Lara Croft, Batpeople and Wonder Woman, and DC Characters.

Had lunch after I got tired of loitering around the center. Then, after eating, I went to the FUNmation to watch an anime. Witchblade, a comic book adopted into Japan anime, was just about to start when I got in. At first, I thought it was a typical anime: where voluptuous girls fights endlessly and needlessly. While the main character was voluptuous, indeed, I was wrong about the fighting part. In fact, I think, the story was about motherhood? It was good but they only showed 3 episodes. So it kinda left me hanging on the cliff.

Women of Witchblade, Masane and Reina.

The show finished just before Billy Tucci's and E.Bas signing. But before I went back to Fantastic Realm's booth. I took my time to get some free swag at the booths. DC Comics probably has the best free loot. I mean, they were giving away Trinity #1. It was a full issue as well, not just a preview one. On top of that, they also gave buttons, mouse pads, posters, and bookmarks. Top Cow also gave Witchblade #116 for free and previews of Madame Mirage and Firstborn. I didn't get anything from Marvel's booth. So I'm not sure if they were giving stuff away, or I just missed out. I also got a box of Magic: The Gathering and Wizard magazine from Wizard World.

The Loot.

It was very easy to go over your budget at the event. So I felt good and wise about myself for brining only enough cash, and balanced my time getting free swag and spending my money on limited edition comics. It's a good thing there were a lot of things going on at Wizard World, both for the fortunate and unfortunate. Though I still wish sometimes I brought my cards with me so I could get some nice toys. But there's always a next time, and it's probably a good idea to start saving for Wizard World Chicago 2009.