Hop and Pop

Last Friday, I went out to find a sturdy book shelf for my growing collection of hardcover books. But my search ended in vain because all the shelves that I liked were beyond my budget's reach, and all that were on my budget's reach were either rickety or small. So I went home, defeated, denied of a book shelf in which I can proudly display my books. My only solace that day were the CDs that I bought, even though they were out of budget, purchased for the reason that I can't go home empty handed.

Amongst the CDs that I got were Antony and the Johnsons The Crying Light. It's a very good album, an operatic indie music that is filled with grief. But I'll post more on this album some other time. The others were Ray Guns Are Not Just The Future, a bubbly poppy album by The Bird and the Bee, and Late Night Cinema, an instrumental hip-hop album by Blue Sky Black Death. Two albums that proves I also listen to hip-hop and pop.

The Bird and the Bee

A lot of people assume that I don't like pop music. Well, I can't blame them since every time they gaze at my ZEN, its playlist consists of hard rock and metal. But I do like pop. Not just the kind of pop who are in the top 40's. I like The Coors, I like Tegan and Sara, heck I even liked Tatu. But, right now, I'm really in love with The Bird and the Bee's album Ray Guns Are Not Just The Future. It's poppy, it's bubbly, it's kitschy, and very retro. I'm sure a lot of people will have no problem loving this album, no matter what they listen too.

Blue Sky Black Death

Like with pop music, a lot of people also assume that I don't like...that I hate hip-hop. Their assumption of how I feel about pop maybe right. But they couldn't be more wrong about how I feel with hip-hop. True, I don't love it as much as I love rock but I do love it. Especially anything by Public Enemy and 2Pac. Now, I'm currently loving BSBD's Late Night Cinema, an album that I missed last year. BSBD is an instrumental hip-hop duo, and their latest work, a very dense melodic hip-hop album, is just astounding.

So, there, I can like pop and like hip-hop. But, really, the two albums I just mentioned above are exemplary. Albums that artists in their genres should start copying. I know this post is just a short review of the albums, a bird's eye view of the whole thing, so I didn't really do them justice. If time allows, I'll write a proper review for both. But, for now, I hope the sound clips I've included will suffice.

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lucas said...

wow! i love the second track--sounds really cool with those "heartbeat" sounds! wohooo!