The Playlist #5

It was a quiet week for me, to sum it up. I started reading a new book and there was snow, a lot of snow. In fact, there was snow as much as I have music.

Anyways, here we go, my 5th playlist:

"Hanuman" by Rodrigo y Gabriela

A couple years ago, I met a guitarist at the hospital I work at. He was playing on his mother's bedside, ripping his nylon acoustic guitar with flamenco scales. His skill was just mesmerizing. Guiltily, however, he admitted to me that there's no money in Spanish guitar. So he left it and played rock instead. But after I heard Rodrigo y Gabriela, last Monday. I thought, maybe, that dude just gave up easily on his music.

"Decode" by Paramore

I'm currently reading the book Beautiful Creatures. At first, I thought it was another Twilight rip-off, riding on its hype wave. But as I read further, the story -that is clearly Twilight, Harry Potter, Romeo & Juliet, To Kill A Mockingbird (and even a bit of Star Wars) rolled into a really fat joint- opens up a wonderful new world. The girl in the story, Lena Duchannes, is also my new heroine. She's cute and edgy, strong and fragile, and her voice will probably sound like Hayley Williams of Paramore.

"Snow Blind" by Black Sabbath

Wednesday, a nasty huge storm whips across United States. Chicago, of course, was snowed in. I had work that day, and the drive back to home was nasty and slow. The roads where slippery and the blowing snow reduced driving visibility.

"A Small Victory" by Faith No More

A Faith No More song came up randomly while I was listening on my iPod. I realized that the audio quality of the song was really bad, even though I ripped the CD at 320 Kbps. But then I remembered that the CD I had isn't a remastered version since I bought it during the 90's, before the digital age. So I went to Amazon mp3 and bought the better versions. I know it sounds like I just wasted money. But we're talking about Faith No More here. They're one of my favorite bands and I spare no expenses when it comes to them.

"Wanderlust" by Baroness

So I found out about this band called Baroness a couple weeks ago and bought their Blue Record. I fell in love with it and then also bought their previous work, Red Album. Red Album, in my opinion, is even better than their Blue Record, which is also awesome. I'm now a member of their fan club.

"Glasshouse Tarot" by Sparta

Two months after I bought my iPod Touch, I'm now down to ripping my CDs of artists that starts with "S". Wiretap Scars by Sparta was the first CD I ripped. I love this album, it's one of my favorites. The guitar sounds in this album is just sonic bliss. The song "Glasshouse Tarot" is the best example of Sparta's sterling stringmanship in here. The intro, especially, is just wow. I could listen to it forever.

"1901" by Phoenix

There's a TV commercial by Cadillac and it has this really good music (see the TV ad here). I've been wondering what the song was, or who the artist was, for months now. Then I previewed Phoenix's songs at iTunes and found that it was actually their song. Phoenix is probably my most overlooked artists this year. I've seen their high ratings but I just ignored them. I was a fool. Now their latest album, Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix, is on my Christmas wishlist.

Well, that's it. I wrote too much already. Now read, listen and enjoy.

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