Cheap Princess

As a new user, one thing I did not know about Steam is that they always hold a year-end sale. Their price cuts are huge too, enough to make me regret buying games from them earlier this year. Torchlight, for example, I bought it for $20 from them not two weeks ago. Today, they slashed 75% off its retail price, dropping it down to $5. It's like slap in the face, I tell you, for not waiting. Indeed, good things come to those who can wait.

But what's done is done, crying over spilled milk won't refund me for being hasty. Besides, this sale ends a week from now. That's plenty of time for me to watch their special deals like a hawk and salvage my loss with Torchlight. So when they put King's Bounty: Armored Princess on the pedestal, I plucked it right away with my greedy talons.

My army, small yet terrifying.

I've been wanting this game since its release last month. However, with my budget cut short due to the holidays -and having a tough time deciding between this game and Blood Bowl- I have to skip on it. But now that Steam brought its price down to $10 (from $40), I just didn't have enough reason to refuse it.

It's a pretty enjoyable game. If you love turn-based strategy like Heroes of Might and Magic or Disciples, this is a perfect game to play. Although not much have changed since the first King's Bounty. The only addition in here is your cute pet dragon. Other than that, the atmosphere and the gameplay are all the same. Which isn't a bad thing at all, especially if you liked the first game.

With that said, I'll end my post here. I still have an army to raise and lands to conquer.

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