Comics Bundle: 11.25.09

One thing I like about the holidays is that I can my holiday time-off. The result of that: I picked up my comics bundle on time.

Thor: Defining Moments #1
7.0 of 10
I was expecting a lot from this book, it being JM's Straczynski's last issue and it's also a giant size. Unfortunately, it's a big disappointment since it felt kind of short. Sure, the story was great. There was death, betrayal, tragedy, and Doom and Loki's plan are out in the air. What irked me is that they used the extra pages of this giant book for the preview of Thor #604 and a reprint of the first appearance of Thor. It's like buying a jar of jelly only to find out that it's only half-way full when you open it.

Chew #6
9.2 of 10
When I picked up Chew #1, I thought that the series will heavily rely on the disgusting nature of the main protagonist's strange ability, which is eating nasty stuff to get psychic impressions, to make us laugh. But Chew #6 managed the fun just well without the gross factor. Instead, the comedy here comes in a form of a weird buddy cop scenario when Chu is reunited with Colby, his old partner, who is now a cyborg. So we get an Asian detective who eats dead dogs to solve a case and he's now partnered with a Caucasian cyborg. Beat that Rush Hour.

The Unwritten #7

8.4 of 10
This title is already at its seventh issue, and the main character has been through a lot already. Yet, I'm still in the dark. I don't have any clue where this book is heading, I don't know where the character progression is going, and I certainly don't have any idea why people is after the main character. The book just keeps on brewing new mysteries every time it reveals something significant to the plot. It's kind of frustrating sometimes but, I guess, that's also the part of the allure that makes me want to read this book.

The Walking Dead #67

9.0 of 10
After the last story arc, I thought this issue is going to slow down a bit in terms of plot or character progression. Especially when the group is just foraging for food and water supplies, and Rick and Carl having a heart to heart talk, at the beginning of the book. But then Eugene is finally revealed for what he really is. That's a big gear of character and plot progression turning right there. Since Eugene is the sole reason why the whole group is moving to Washington.

Fables #90
9.4 of 10
There's no action in this issue but the plot moved greatly. A change of leadership amongst the witches, Bigby and Snow putting their resources into motion for the coming war, Geppetto and Frau Totenkinder are also brewing personal schemes, and Bufkin continues his guerilla war against Baba Yaga. It's amazing how a small book can put all those details without falling short. The dialogues here are also top notch. I especially love the confrontation between Baba Yaga and the Mirror on the Wall.

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gillboard said...

yeah, i was super disappointed too with the way Thor ended. it was too sudden, and jms wasn't allowed to conclude alot of his subplots which was sad.