Demo Monday: Torchlight

At first, my interest wasn't really piqued when I found out that a bunch of former Blizzard North employees and Travis Baldree (creator of FATE) were developing an action-RPG entitled Torchlight, which is another Diablo clone. But after I saw the game's cheap price tag over at Steam ($20), I really found it hard to ignore. Fortunately, there's a demo is available for the game and you can download it here. So I decided to dip my toes on it first before diving head on.

The whole demo runs up to a couple of stages -until you reach the main boss fight- and your character level is capped to 7. There are 3 classes in the game, and all of which are available to play on the demo. I picked the Vanquisher because of her steampunk appearance and the ability to use rifles and pistols. Her skill tree is abundant of really cool abilities, each branch offers different tactics and strategies. What surprised me though is that the Vanquisher can actually dual-wield pistols in the game or use a pistol and shield. I haven't seen this kind of feature in any game, and that alone makes me want to play it.

Torchlight is pretty much a Diablo clone: kill, loot and repeat gameplay. But it definitely have some character and appeal of its own. The setting, the graphics and the atmosphere are all decently done. It's also a well polished game with a lot of love in its development. But if that doesn't get you, this game only costs $20. So, since Diablo III is nowhere near of being done, I think I'll just have to remedy my hack n' slash malady with this game.

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