Rudyard Kipling once said "Four things greater than all things are: Women and Horses and Power and War." I don't have Women, Horses or Power. But I can always play WAR.

I actually thought I won't be coming back to this game. But after seeing my former guild move to a much more active server and then saw their recruitment video (watch it here). I just started to itch for some realm vs. realm action. So I remedied it by re-activating my account and had a lot of fun playing with guildmates last night. It's just sad that we have to leave Phoenix Throne.

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MikeR. said...

Hey! Good to see you back in WAR. Myself and Lannerea also came back after a hiatus to EQ2. Since the server merges, the action has really kicked up and I've gone up a few Renown Ranks in the past week (2 or 3 ranks). Order has definitely gotten some new blood and has really started to push back; I've personally seen two or three IC sieges since we moved to Badlands and I know there's been more.

We're taking it a bit easier now, not playing any time we get a chance so we don't burn out. If you see us around, give us a shout. We're always looking for some fun stuff to do. :)

~MikeR. (aka Baelgur)

Skron said...

Yeah, I'm loving Badlands right now. Every time I log both order and destro have about the same numbers. So the battles are always fun.

I'm not playing much either. The reason being it's the holidays, and I also have a lot of books and other games to entertain me.

If you're still in Call of Fate, then we're Tribe Mates right now. Last time I checked, they're now part of Gaiscioch's Tuatha (unofficial alliance).