Earth One

I'm really bummed about the departure of J. Michael Straczynski from Thor. So, now, I'm trying to find books written by him. Then, yesterday, I found out that he's actually on a new project, Superman: Earth One. It's a revamp of Superman in an entirely new continuity, and it will be in an ongoing graphic novel format. This sounds really epic. Hopefully, with JMS at its helm, this new continuity of Superman won't be lame. I'm kind of expecting him to modernize Supes the way Mark Miller did with the Avengers in Marvel's Ultimate continuity.

On the other hand, there's also an Earth One revamp of Batman. Geoff Johns will helm the project. So it's also going to be big. What really got me about this Bats revamp is Alfred. No more nice Alfred Pennyworth, it seems like. He's crippled and grizzled, a veteran of the Royal Marines. He just looks more kick-ass (see picture above).

This Earth One sounds really promising, and might be a good starting point for new readers or those who aren't that familiar with the DC Universe -like me. Hopefully, if it's really good, DC will expand this Earth One and not concoct another crisis that will meld all continuities.

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