Holiday Wishlist

We finally drew names for our Secret Santa at work today. The rules were the same as last year -gifts should be no less than $10 and no more than $15. We also included a list of 10 things we wanted on our names, which was my suggestion from last year. I came up with it simply because it will make shopping a bit easier, not having to run around and guessing what my gift-receiver wants. Of course, it's also a chance to get what I want.

The list that I got have assorted items like make-up, fragrances, iTunes card and even an iPhone protection sleeves. I'm going to give her an iTunes card because it's the most easiest and I love giving music. As for me, I made an Amazon Wishlist (check it here) and forwarded the link to all who participated.

Anyways, here's my list


  • Geneva by Russian Circles
  • Aim and Ignite by fun.
  • 11:11 by Rodrigo Y Gabriela
  • Signal Morning by Circulatory System
  • Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix by Phoenix
  • Air vol. 1
  • The Northlanders vol. 1
  • Graceling
  • Let the Great World Spin
  • iPod Touch Wall Charger
I'd be a happy man if I get any of these stuff. So, how about you, what's on your wishlist?

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The Scud said...

Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix sounds interesting. I also listed my own wishlist. I can only afford one. The rest is just a wish. Hehe.

Happy weekend!

Kevin said...

Phoenix is just amazing, really. A MUST WISH THIS CHRISTMAS! :)

Skron said...

@Scud: the contents of your wishlist are priceless or really expensive man. I think the only thing I can afford from it now is the baseball cap.

But I do hope the Amputans and GMA get tractor beamed from pinas to Alpha Centauri.

@Kevin: I know their latest album is highly rated by critics. But I tried to ignore them. Then I previewed their songs from iTunes a couple weeks ago and liked their music a lot.

Josie said...

In my office they make it a requirement that everyone makes a wish list on myregistry.com with at least 5 options in the price range we set (ours is no more than $25). This made things so much easier for secret santa, that I ended up making a big wish list to send to my family too. Love your picks!