Comics Review: Demo vol.2 #1

Demo Vol.2 #1
8.0 of 10
Writer: Brian Wood
Penciler: Becky Cloonan

I've never really read a lot of books written by Brian Wood. Except for DMZ, of course, which has a unique setting and a great war/political theme, making it one of my favorite comic books. I've also read the first issue of Demo vol.1, which is free for download at Vertigo's website. It's a cool book with a different take on super humans. Since it made an impression on me, I decided to give volume 2 a shot.

Demo is about people with powers but not about superheroes. No, there's no villain in the book or any "save the world" plot. The characters in the comics are just regular Johns and Janes that are trying to live a normal life, keeping their powers a secret from the public. Vol.2 #1 tells the story of Joan. She hasn't slept in weeks due to recurring nightmare, a woman falling over and dying inside a cathedral in London, which she believes to be a precognition. At a whim, she drops everything in her life -her boyfriend, her job- and books a flight to London to prove if it's true or not.

The story is great. It's not really about superpowers. It's about personal conflict, about dealing with what's to come. Kinda like me, sometimes, being a pessimist, thinking that I failed in my Chemistry class. In the end, I have to go online and check my grades to put an end to it.

But great might this book be. I think I'm still going to skip it. I've got enough comics on my pull list already and I don't see any titles worth dropping over Demo.

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