Mass Effect and BioShock Toys

A couple months ago, I thought of moving to New York and bunk with my cousins. But I soon discarded the idea because I have such a comfortable life here in Chicago. Then all the geeky blogs that I visit on a daily basis covered the Toy Fair 2010 in New York. Suddenly, I found myself wishing that I reside in the Big Apple, just so I could witness the event.

Ah, well. I guess I'll have to start looking for some nuke med jobs up there, then. So I can live there, do what I love the most -which is shooting radioactive stuff inside the hearts and guts of people- and enjoying geeky events such as Toy Fair and NYCC. Right now, however, I'll just droll over the new line of toys. Especially the Mass Effect and BioShock action figures.

Mass Effect 2 figures, wave 1. Tali looks cool.

I need me one of them Big Daddies.

Man, these toys are cool. I especially want Tali and Sheperd. Hopefully, wave 2 will also include Garrus, Miranda and a female Shepard figure. As for the BioShock, I'll only get the Big Daddy with the drill arm, the one that is featured on the box art.

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gillboard said...

Shepard does not look like MY Shepard. but everyone else looks cool!!!