Of Migraines and Civilizations

I haven't accessed the net for a couple days now, and not because I've been sacrificing my PC usage for lent. I had migraines, terrible ones, for three straight days. So I have to keep myself in the dark, literally. No lights, no TV, no computer. It's a good thing I was still able to listen to music and play with my guitar, since my migraine didn't come with sound sensitivity.

But, anyways, the first thing I did when the headaches abated -after I took a bottle or so of Excedrin tablets- was check for some gaming news. Then lo and behold, Sid Meiers and his wonderful team of game developers at Firaxis finally announced Civilization V, the fifth installment of one of my most favorite games. Go drool over the video.

I was kind of expecting this though. I mean, it's been five years since Civilization IV was released. Still, this announcement -even though I got it late- overjoyed me. It overjoyed me so much that I have to take deep breaths and calm myself because the excitement made the blood rush through my head, and it was so painful it made me gag.

Nothing extensive has been released in regards to its gameplay, however. But from what I read on IGN, this line interested me the most:
"Diplomacy is handled full screen now, with full leader animations and appropriate languages."
This is just wishful thinking on my part but, I think, Civilization V's diplomacy might have some RPG elements? Because that would be awesome. It would be really cool if you can parlay with your enemy before you go to battle and, if your player character has the skill, you can perform some dialogue checks (like intimidate or persuade) to make your enemies surrender or at least lower the morale of their troops.

But, with RPG elements or not, this is going to be a great game. I'm definitely going to lose a lot of sleep playing with this game, and probably get more migraine attacks as a result.

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Kevin said...


Sid Meier = GOD.

Srsly, this is awesome. Can't wait for CIV5! Holy fuck!