The Playlist #10

It's been a while since I posted playlist in here. I kinda broke my promise there, of making a playlist every Sunday. But, anyways, since I have nothing better to do, here's what I'm listening to in the past couple of days. I apologize for the short comments but my fingers hurt for playing too much Dragon Age.

"New Noise" by Refused

One of the best punk bands ever. Their album The Shape of Punk to Come is a personal favorite of mine, and I just dug it up from my boxes of CDs yesterday.

"No Epiphany" by Fucked Up

Speaking of Refused, here's another awesome punk band. Fucked Up blew me away with their 2008 album, The Chemistry of Common Life, which was probably influenced by The Shape of Punk to Come.

"All I Know" by Karnivool

I found out about this band a couple weeks ago. They're a nice prog-rock band with a nice Tool-ish sound and some nu-metal influence.

"H." by Tool

Speaking of Tool, here's a song from them. I don't think I can live in a world without their music. Hopefully, the rumors that they're working on a new album are true.

"When I'm Small" by Phantogram

A friend told me about this electronica dance rock band, of how good they are, when she saw them open for Yeasayer. I didn't know what she was talking about back then. But I agree with her now after I listened to their debut album, Eyelid Movies.

"ONE" by Yeasayer

Speaking of Yeasayer, here's a song from them too. Their new album, Odd Blood, is excellent.

"Don't Make Me Your Target" by Spoon

I've also been enjoying Spoon's latest album, Transference. But the reason I chose to feature one of their old song is because it's the theme song of Chuck. I just finished watching the entire season 1 this weekend and I'm in love with Yvonne Strahovski.

Well, that's my playlist for this week. You guys enjoy it.

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