A Night with Antje

After working for 5 days straight, 12 hours each day, I'm really glad that I'm off for the next couple of days. I deserve it and I will spend, or waste, those days as I please. Yesterday was day one, and I tried to learn how to use the Dragon Age: Origins toolset. But my effort is fruitless. The toolset is way too complicated for me. Day two is a bit more productive. I spent four hours on the stationary bike while watching the first season of Chuck. Then at night, I watched a flick entitled Pandorum.

is a sci-fi thriller that stars Dennis Quaid and Ben Foster. I know this movie didn't really get any good reception. But I liked it. It's the best sci-fi thriller I've seen since Sunshine. It has a lot of twists and turns. Then there's mutants too, as well as paranoia. Lots of paranoia. But what I really loved about the movie is Antje (pictured above). The German actress is really looking lovely, even though she's got a messy hair and was covered in dirt and blood the entire film.

I wanted to see more of her. So I tried "Netflix'ing" her movies but she has none. Although she have an upcoming movie with Emmanuelle Chiriqui, entitled Georgia. I'm not sure if it's going to be good but, with her on it, it's gonna be worth watching.

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