Adventure Games: Finally returning or just a fluke?

Besides my World of Warcraft and Sins of a Solar Empire routine, I haven't played any other game since February, and both games are waning on me. I don't want to get Mass Effect because my computer is "too old" to handle it, and Age of Conan...I'd love to try it (I'm curious about the boobies) but I don't have the time for it. So, before I get bored, I'd better have my hands on a DS game or an adventure game.

Pey'j and Jade (under the shade) of Beyond Good & Evil 2.

Adventure games, it's been a while since I've played anything from that genre (the last one was Dreamfall back in 2006). But I'm no core gamer, so I don't really seek out adventure games. I only play what I find in my radar. But this year's first quarter have seen a handful of decent releases, decent enough for my radar to take notice. Games such as Sam and Max, The Experiment, and Penny Arcade Adventures have enjoyed a little bit of the spotlight, and Ubisoft also announced Beyond Good & Evil 2 (a favorite adventure game of mine) just a couple days ago. So are adventure games really returning this time? Or is this just a bubble and burst?