Power Shot

While I was preparing my "battle gear" for this Friday's Wizard World Convention, I found out that my mom will use the camera on the same date. Since it's her camera, I can't do anything about it. Luckily, a Canon PowerShot SD750 is on sale this whole week at Best Buy. I didn't want it at first because $200 is still a steep price. Besides, with $200 I can buy more exclusive toys at the convention. But, then again, this will be my first geeky convention. So, in the end, I capitulated at that notion and bought the camera.

Amp knobs, macro shot by my new Canon PowerShot SD750.

I played with it immediately after I got home and...wow! The images shot from my new camera are awesome. They're not D-SLR quality but for a slim design camera, it sure is amazing. I can even do macro shots without blurring, unlike before with our old Sony Cybershot. With that said, I rolled out some of my action figures and started taking pictures of them. You can catch more of my "shutterbug" fever here.