Dracula cures WoW addiction

My World of Warcraft subscription expired the other day. I was planning to renew it, of course, since I'll be reduced to nothing but a gibberish murloc if I don't "level up" or find a "phat lewt" by the end of the day. However, when I went out earlier to get a time card (I use time cards instead of credit cards for better subscription management and control), I was enticed by the box art of Dracula: Origin, a newly released adventure game.

A screenshot from Dracula: Origin

I continued staring at the game's box art as if I was mesmerized. Then, without a moment's notice, my hand involuntarily reached for the box and grabbed it. My feet too, followed suit, seems to move on its own accord as it scuttled me away from the game shelves. It all happened so fast and all of a sudden I was outside the store, with a game in hand and no time card. I let out a sigh of relief. The kind of relief that a smoker gets when he's exiting a convenient store with a Slim Jim in hand rather than a pack of Marlboro. It seems to me that I made my first and final blow of curing my WoW addiction.