Avengers Assemble!

I saw The Incredible Hulk this afternoon, and I couldn't dig into it. Not because the movie was bad. In fact, it was way better than the first one (and way better than Daredevil). It's just that I've been distracted by some minor details -factoids from the Marvel Universe lore and cameos- in the film, which made me speculate that an Avengers movie is in the works.

Along with some stuff from Iron Man, and future Marvel, movies, I'll lay down those little facts and tie-ins that started my speculation and prevented me from fully enjoying my movie.

  1. Nick Fury (Ultimate version), commander of SHIELD and leader of The Ultimates (Ultimate version of the Avengers), appeared as a cameo in Iron Man.
  2. A Thor movie is in the works. Marvel also announced he will appear as a cameo in Iron Man 2.
  3. Weapons developed by Stark Industries were used in The Incredible Hulk.
  4. The Super-Soldier serum, which turned Steve Rogers into Captain America, made an appearance and was utilized in The Incredible Hulk.
  5. In The Incredible Hulk, Hulk threw a large boulder and screamed at the thunderstorm. Thor is the God of Thunder, he conjured that thunderstorm. (Maybe it was Storm, or maybe I'm just crazy)
  6. Wolverine, a member of the New Avengers, will have a new movie that'll feature his origins. His origins go way back into WWII, and he fought along with the likes of Nick Fury and Captain America.
  7. Tony Stark appeared as a cameo in The Incredible Hulk. Then he told General Ross that they are "forming a team".
Now you have my factoids. I know they are a bit crazy. But there's a big possibility that an Avengers movie will happen. The actors are already there to play Iron Man, Nick Fury, The Hulk, and Wolverine (highly unlikely to be on the team). Soon they'll pick somebody to don the mantle of Thor for his movie. But, in truth, I'm not even a fan of the Avengers or the Ultimates (though I'm a fan of the Avengers where Jessica Drew is a member of). So I don't even know why I'm excited about this.